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by GamePhase 2015 ©
Steam release date: 3 July 2015
Price: $2.99 / 2.99€

-platform shoot-em up
-nine single screen levels
-retro pixel graphics
-fast and responsive gameplay
-specially written orchestral music for each level
-an intriguing story where you fight your way through the whole hierarchy of Angels

The player character is a special agent for an organization called “The Order” that rules the world in league with the “Angels”. The Angels are a mysterious ancient race, mercenaries which sought to conquer the earth and made a pact with the emerging organization.

The player discovers the hidden truths that the Order uses for world domination. He then turns against his “Order” and leads earth’s resistance as a “Vindicator” with his arcane knowledge to oppose the Angels.

Trailer [youtube]:

Logos, screenshots and other graphics
Get a zip archive of graphics here:

About Gamephase
GamePhase is an independent game development company, consisting of three people based in Finland. We are:
Mikael Norrgard / Mats Norrgard / Thomas Finholm

email: info (at)


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