Vindicator: Uprising

(Released for Windows PC, other formats TBA)

Vindicator: level 1

Vindicator: level 2

Vindicator: level 3



-platform shoot-em up
-nine single screen levels
-retro pixel graphics
-fast and responsive gameplay
-specially written orchestral music for each level
-an intriguing story where you fight your way through the whole hierarchy of Angels


The player character is a special agent for an organization called “The Order” that rules the world in league with the “Angels”. The Angels are a mysterious ancient race, mercenaries which sought to conquer the earth and made a pact with the emerging organization.

The player discovers the hidden truths that the Order uses for world domination. He then turns against his “Order” and leads earth’s resistance as a “Vindicator” with his arcane knowledge to oppose the Angels.

Download the game for Windows below.

[Download not found] [Download not found]

Playable demo versions for OS X, Ubuntu Linux and Ouya.

[Download not found] [Download not found] [Download not found]

The Soundtrack
Listen to or download the soundtrack for free here

4 thoughts on “Vindicator: Uprising

  1. The game has potential, but is far far too hard. I cannot get past the first level. The part when you walk slowly through the water and cannot jump to avoid arrows is impossible! Am I missing something here?

    1. Actually yes, you are. If you keep “down” pressed you will dodge and avoid being hit by spears and other projectiles. The game is hard but should be way easier now that you know this. 🙂 You need different strategies for handling the different kinds of angels, but by shooting, dodging and jumping at the right time the angels should be manageable. Good luck! 🙂

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