(Automagic) Clipboard RGB <-> BGR Converter


I often try out colors in an external graphic editor and then copy the RGB values (in my head) to Gamemaker Studio to use with the function make_colour_rgb(R,G,B). Also if I want to change a colour I copy the values from Gamemaker back to the graphic editor, it’s a hassle.

Usually colors are represented as RGB but in Gamemaker Studio they are represented as BGR. Colors in Gamemaker are normal real values so it’s possible to define a color like: var col = $44FF22, but I can’t copy that value to and from say Photoshop directly since Photoshop use the RGB order.

That’s why I created this simple to use tool! While you have the tool running and copy an RGB or BGR value, that value is automatically changed in the clipboard (the position of B and R change place). This means I can just copy and paste color values between Gamemaker and Photoshop without editing the values manually. 🙂

Download and installation

The tool requires .NET Framework 2.0 or later which is most likely installed on your machine already. Just extract the executable somewhere. For easy access you can create a keyboard shortcut to the tool like CTRL+ALT+C and have it start minimized (you can do this from the properties of a shortcut to the tool).

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