Sprite Sheet Viewer

This is a tool for testing sprite animations. It’s a fast and easy way to test your sprite sheets and you can edit your sprite sheets in your editor even if the sprite sheet is open in Sprite Sheet Viewer, just right-click the sprite in Sprite Sheet Viewer to reload the sprite sheet after editing and saving. We use Gamemaker Studio for developing our games so this tool is from that perspective, but it should be useful for other environments too.


Sprite sheet requirements

The sprite sheets need to be saved as png images with the frames lined up horizontally. The filename of a sprite sheet need to include the number of frames just before the extension like: “spr_barbarian_run_strip8.png”.

Loading sprite sheets

To load a sprite sheet, left-click anywhere below the info part of the tool window. A normal file-browser dialog will be shown. When a sprite sheet is loaded, you can use right-click to automatically reload the sprite sheet (this is a fast way to view changes to a sprite sheet you are editing in another editor).

Background color

You can set the background color by clicking a color in the color picker up left.

Animation speed

To change animation speed (in steps of 0.05), use the scroll wheel or up and down arrow keys on the keyboard. If you hold Control while doing this, the animation speed will change in steps of 0.01.


FPS can be changed with holding Alt and using the mouse wheel or up and down arrow keys.


Scale can be changed with holding Shift and using the mouse wheel or up and down arrow keys.

Download and installation

You just need to store the executable and run it from somewhere on your computer. The settings (fps, speed, scale and background color) will be saved to an ini file stored in this folder: C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\SpriteSheetViewer

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