You can save the files directly to the “datafiles” folder in your project folder and add these as “Included files” in GMS. When replacing files you just save over the files with the converter tool, no need to include the files again in GMS.

Using the imported data is quite straightforward since data structures (ds_grids, ds_maps and ds_lists), are created when using my scripts. The only scripts you should need to edit to your liking are “create_tile_layers” and “create_objects”. You can also entirely skip using those two scripts and use the data structures however you like.

Data structure documentation

I created a PDF that should describe all the data structures created by my scripts. Read it here: ttbc-gms-data-structures.pdf


Below you can download the GameMaker Studio scripts and example and the Tiled map I used for the demo.

All the scripts are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Download “Tiled To Binary GMS Scripts and Example” TiledBinary_v2.gmz – 1 MB

Download “Tiled Example Map” – 2 KB


  • Support for multiple tilesets.
  • file_bin functions replaced with buffers.
  • Initial version.

One Response to Using files created with Tiled To Binary Converter in GameMaker Studio

  1. Jonathann Grierson says:

    HI I am a unity Guy looking at Game Maker Studio. Just purchased it. To do a little comparison testing. All my maps are in Tiled and no importer seems to work. Ran across your stuff. How do I get the scripts to run addressing my Tiled Maps??? For some Help would be happy to donate financially to the cause. In addition could be talked into supplying some Iso sprites or other 2.75 D graphics to your cause we have an awesome 3D to 2.5-2.75D pipeline.

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