Thy Sword

Windows PC, other formats TBA.



(Demo note: Thy Sword has changed a lot since we released the demo so we decided to remove it for now.)



Thy Sword is an action platformer (some rpg elements) with:

– Procedurally generated levels
Sword and sorcery setting
– Fast paced combat
– Local co-op
– Local death match (at least for two players, maybe up to four)
– Chip music made with the legendary SID chip used in the Commodore 64
– Different weapons and equipment
– Multiple bosses



You play as a hero with sword in hand and enter a world of dungeons, monsters and treasure.

The game consists of procedurally generated levels where you fight monsters, find treasure and level up your character. The combat is fast paced and strategy and skill is required to become a great warrior! You’ll have to use your sword as well as archery to defeat the hordes of monsters lurking within the levels.

To progress in the game, you’ll want to upgrade your equipment and eventually fight bosses with great rewards waiting. Needless to say, along the way you’ll need to collect all the loot and treasure you can find…

You can listen to the title track below. This is the only music that is orchestral, all other music tracks are chip tunes brought to life by the legendary SID 8580.



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