Thy Sword demo update!

We just uploaded a new version of the pre-alpha demo with all kinds of improvements, download it below!

Download “Thy Sword Demo” – Downloaded 3515 times – 18 MB


– Village after every area (always after last level of area).
– Fewer skeletons on night levels.
– Sword slashes through all monsters.
– Hazard card game remove, now always 21 Horsemen.
– Damage taken by monster never exceed health they have left.
– Damage frame for monsters.
– Heroes have two alternating sword attacks.
– Explosive barrels damage all enemies near.
– Double jump more generous.
– Gust when double jump used.
– Flying creatures are not spawning near player.
– Enemy melee attack is not falsely delayed after a ranged attack.
– [SPACE] is the default key for special attack.
– Flying enemies removed from night levels.
– Some bigger enemies are knocked back less after being hit.
– No chest on night levels.
– Some hitboxes (projectiles or other hitboxes that are destroyed after hit) should always inflict damage, even if index for hit is less than last_hit_id for object.
– Lower homing y-position for bats on player.
– More blood, bodies of monsters remain.
– Arrow removed from open gate and replaced with torches being lit.
– Raven flies away after being hit, dropping the key to the chest.
– Sound options: music & fx, fx only, no sounds.
– Color of healer dialog options changed.
– No spiders from barrels in Ember Wood.
– Lightning graphical error corrected.
– Text engine added for story and lore.
– Enemies jump down if attacked from below.
– Getting poisoned is more visibly clear.
– Health flashing when low.
– HUD animations for gate and poison.
– Clearer player selection on title screen.