About us


GamePhase is a three-man game company that started in 2012 and is based in Finland and Sweden.

Mikael “Mick” Norrgård: programming
Mats “Maz” Norrgård: music
Thomas “Bahototh” Finholm: graphics

We are all passionate about game ideas and level design. We are currently working on a few games for Windows PCs and Android tables and phones. We will try to keep you updated continuously about the development.

Contact us at:

mick (a) gamephase.net (http://www.witchmastercreations.com/)
maz (a) gamephase.net (http://matsnorrgard.bandcamp.com/)
thomp (a) gamephase.net (http://bahototh.blogspot.fi/)


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  1. makis kampouris says:

    I’ve played the Thy Sword demo and i have to say that i enjoyed it very much! That’s how games should be made!

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